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New characters
Guys, what would you think about new races? I mean not only humans and fairies, but new ones?
Good idea or not?
I think the more options that can be incorporated into an update after the initial release the better. I'm hoping that Free Realms will be able to gain popularity as it did in the original version, and new character updates might be able to help that, especially if there are entirely new species/races/pets/etc. Also, I figure that after the initial release is done and a few months pass, some will probably appreciate some new content if they get back into the memory of the game and already know how everything is.
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That would be so cool! I wonder if the Sunrise team is able to do that, like if they have the ability to animate new creatures.
[Image: giphy.gif]
I think SOE was going to put in a new race before Free Realms was shut down.

If I remember, it was going to be elves like the NPC Chugzy. (shown below)
[Image: 200?cb=20130815202645]
But I would love some other races too; like dwarves, maybe Changlings, and Giants
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I think that could be a really good idea!

As a person that used to play and still plays a lot Online games I am really not used to playing a game with such a low amount of races and honestly I'd love to see some new races in the game, I think it could also attract a lot of new players.
[Image: a12fd85673ee198456a073a8215202d7fcb5f1ad...838df6.gif]
I think if they ever add a new player race, it should be one of the already existing NPC races. For example elves, dwarfs, yetis, chugawugs or trolls.
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it would definitely make the game more diverse but i don't know how possible it is.
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yes!!! that would be amazing!
Honestly, It would be awesome. I have a ton of new ideas for frConfused and would love for them to incorporate it but first things first of course. I would love for them to be able to bring back everything from before (maybe not exact characters but still all the original items and what not) and maybe incorporate the lore freerealms had from before and maybe even add onto it.
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