What is Free Realms: Sunrise?

Free Realms: Sunrise is a revival of a massive multiplayer online role playing video game known as Free Realms that was created by The Daybreak Game Company. We are a non-profit revival and emulation project for Free Realms. We are not affiliated with The Daybreak Company. All rights and intellectual property are owned by them. Check out Daybreak Games here.

When will Free Realms: Sunrise be playable?

Currently Free Realms: Sunrise is only available to our alpha testers, and there is no release date.
If you want a chance at getting a key, participate in our Discord or over on the subreddit!

What's the point of alpha keys?

Alpha keys help us test stability and track down/fix bugs easier. We choose alpha testers based their behavior and activity within the community. You can also win alpha keys by participating in various contests we may host!

Have an alpha key to redeem?

Visit our redeem page!


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