Let's get this out of the way first:

FR Sunrise is a non-profit fan revival/research project of Daybreak Game Company LLC's Free Realms.
Everything used in the development of the project has only used information made available publicly on the internet.
Free Realms is a registered trademark of Daybreak Game Company LLC.
FR Sunrise is in no way associated or affiliated with Daybreak Game Company LLC.
To summarize, everything you see here is totally unofficial.

Is it currently possible to play the game?

No, the project is currently research and development only. Nothing is being hosted at this time.

Will I be able to download the game?

No, if you plan on playing FR Sunrise, you must already have a copy of the game. Try dusting off that old laptop! If you have the game, our launcher will locate it and apply patches to your copy to get you started.

Where are the updates?

Discord! Follow the link below. You may also want to consider following our Twitter, as we may post some fun screenshots.


Nope. We're going to do our best to pay for everything ourselves, totally donation free.

What happens to station cash and membership?

Our patches will remove all references of station cash and membership from the game. We instead are going to have an alternative in-game currency that can be earned just by playing the game. All players automatically get the membership perks, free of charge. Everything in the game is free, you'll just need to play to get everything!

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